Our pallets are well made. Compare our recycled pallets to those processed by mass-producers. You’ll find Pallets Direct pallets have higher quality repair boards, more nails per junction to hold repair boards in place, AND you won’t find lower grade pallets masquerading as the grade that you actually ordered. In addition, Pallets Direct can heat treat any pallet for export purposes.

New Pallets:

Pallets Direct supplies new wood pallets of any size and dimension to meet your specific application requirements. Your account manager will work with you to develop the right pallet for your application using industry standard CAD tools from the National Wood Pallet & Container Association. We offer materials in mixed eastern hardwoods, kiln-dried pine and, the most economical, green pine. Our new pallets are built on state-of-the-art automated production lines ensuring consistency and quality.

New Pallets made from:

  • Mixed Eastern Hardwoods
  • Kiln-dried pine
  • Green pine

Recycled Pallets:

Also called used, reclaimed, and reconditioned pallets, they offer the best value for cost-conscious customers. We carry multiple sizes and styles of recycled pallets in inventory including four standard grades of 48X40 recycled pallets, with other grades possible depending on your application. Our standard 48X40 pallets have solid construction with 7 boards on top and 5 on bottom.

Standard 48X40 recycled pallets:

  • Grade A and A1
  • Grade B and B plus (B+)

Grade A Pallets

Grade B Pallets

Custom Pallets:

Can be made from either NEW or reclaimed material in any size or style to suit your application. Your account manager will ask you about your specific requirements and may also recommend similar sizes of existing custom pallets in inventory that will potentially save time and money.

Custom size of all kinds, including:

  • 36X36
  • 42X42
  • 44X44
  • 45X45
  • 48X48

Block Pallets:

Are becoming more prevalent due to the ease of access on all for sides. The most common configuration has 9 (3 rows of 3) wood blocks in between a top and bottom deck. Pallets Direct carries several types of block pallets such as:

  • EURO 1200X1000mm (47.25x39.5)
  • EURO/EPAL 1200X800mm (47.25x31.5) 
  • Export 1200X1000mm (47.25x39.5)


  • Domestic 48X40 9 Bloc, Costco, or Rental grade equivalent
  • CP1, CP3, CP9 Other sizes also available
  • 56X44 Glass pallets

Euro 1200x800

1200x1000 Export

CP9 Pallet

Heat Treated Pallets:

Pallets Direct offers heat-treating services for all its pallets. Heat treating prevents the spread of disease and wood-born pests between countries. For companies that export to countries that are a part of the United Nations, using heat-treated pallets is almost always a requirement. We offer certified treatment pallets according to the UN’s ISPM-15 standards.

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