How is Pallets Direct Different From The Rest

Multiple manufacturers… Pallets Direct represents a variety of pallet companies within the pallet industry. As such, we are not “captive” to one source of pallets in one location. We compare pallet costs and freight rates among multiple providers to give you the lowest delivered price. We continually evaluate new suppliers to add to out network in order to provide our customers with the best product offering possible.

Relationship management… our sales personnel are highly experienced account managers who actively manage your relationship if you so desire. Don’t worry, this is not high-pressure sales. Instead, we work to learn your overall industry needs and your company’s specific ordering habits. From there, we pro-actively anticipate your pallet needs, coordinate with your logistics personnel to ensure timely deliveries, and, should an issue ever arise, we are quick to inform you of any changes. Consider us part of the shipping and receiving department.

Supply chain flexibility… Our supplier network reaches across the southeast US representing multiple regional pallet “markets.” Should pallets become scarce in your primary market, which they will, Pallets Direct will source pallets in other regions to keep you in pallets.

Higher quality… the day to day operations of every pallet supplier in our network is managed by the owners themselves. This means they are on-site to manage production and quality, especially important with recycled pallets. Our owners pride of workmanship is evident in the quality of pallets they produce. Whereas many bigger pallet mass-producers stress rapid production and minimal materials costs (ex: fewer nails used to repair pallets), our suppliers emphasize thorough inspections and complete repairs.

Pallet solutions… your business is constantly customer changing and along with so will your pallet needs. Whether it’s a new product line, distribution channel, or a new account, our customer pallet needs change over time. With our extensive knowledge of the pallet industry, Pallets Direct is the ideal partner in these situations. Whether you are considering switching to NEW pallets, have a new custom requirement, are considering block style pallets, or simply want a better or cheaper grade of 48X40 pallet, Pallets Direct can help.

Simply put:

Before: we have engineering services to work with you on defining your pallet needs and managing your pallet costs

During: we offer superior quality pallets, hassle-free logistics and on-time delivery

After: we continue to pro-actively work with your logistics team to manage your pallet inventory

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